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My most Admired music cluster
Eranda Nirmal Bandara Sooriyapperuma

The Kings of 80s


First time I heard their songs in 1980. when one of my brother came after he completed his first degree in University of Patris Lumumba Moscow USSR in early 1980, he has been brought newly fresh ABBA Alum

(GIMMI GIMMI and TAKE A CHANCE ON ME) normal plastic records and record player made by the Russians . Still I love that records and their songs

ABBA - The group: Anni-Frid "Frida" Lyngstad, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Benny Anderson, Agnetha Faltskog. Formed: 1970. What P&P says: The Swedish pop quartet disbanded nearly 20 years ago, and yet their music is as popular or more popular than ever before. Their songs have appeared on a slew of film soundtracks; their best-of collection still sells millions annually around the world, and many artists today laud the group's seemingly flawless productions and endless hook sense. That has to account for something. What Rock Hall voters probably are thinking: They're mindless pop songs, a product of the dreaded disco era. On a scale of 1 to 10, the probability of getting in? 6 ... in the words of 1999 inductee Paul McCartney, "Let 'em in." Best song: "Dancing Queen" (Atlantic, 1976); best album: "Gold - Greatest Hits" (Polydor, 1993).

Björn and Benny met... then they met Agnetha and Annifrid... then they became Bjorn & Benny with svenska flicka.
Suddenly in 1973 they were Björn, Benny, Agnetha and Annifrid and singing Ring Ring in the Swedish Eurovision song contest and ended up as nr 3.
In 1974 - Waterloo came and won.. the rest is history. After Waterloo who became a big hit all over Europe they tried another song, SOS - who also after a while became a big hit. Then they followed up with an album: Waterloo with brilliant songs like: Waterloo, SOS, Honey Honey, Dance and King Kong Song (my personal favorite). Their definive biggest album hit was in 1976 with Arrival and multiple big hits like:  My love my life and Money Money Money.
Ofcourse, everything has an end and thats goes for ABBA too. The couples divorced, I threw away all my ABBA stuff in anger - but they still managed to do stuff allright. But, they became more serious. Like the Album and the Visitors. They evolved and grew perhaps, but to a little girl all this serious business became to serious. Where did the happy ABBA music go? Left back were serious songs like: The visitors, Soldiers and Slipping through my fingers.

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